Before another Dies – Alton Gansky

Book to in the Madison Glenn Series. Major Glenn is planning her run for congress. But there’s an oops in the way… a dead body in her parking space. This story was almost as good as the first one. And now there has to be a third one… we have to know which man Maddy will choose… the brave and handsome Dect. West or the ever faithful doctor Jerry.

Edge of Eternity – Randy Alcorn

Pilgrim’s Progress meets Frank Peritti. A very interesting story, that reminds us how easy is it is to be distracted from the “Red Road.” I enjoyed this story almost as much as I did “Deadline” another one of Alcorn.

Trouble with Tulip – Mindy Starns Clark

Having grown up with Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries I fell in love with Callie Webber of the Million Dollar Series. I wondered if Mindy Starns Clark could develop another character that would intrigue the imagination the way Callie did. When I say the title “Trouble with Tulip” I still wondered. But then I met Jo Tulip and fell in love again with a Mindy Starns Clark character! Jo is different than Callie and the story line very different, but a lot of fun to read.

I am looking forward to the next book in the series!

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