Duty to Die – Janice Thompson

OK, this one give me the willies… a story of a “future” world where you can only have 2 kids, and if you have a baby born with a defect, like Down’s Syndrome or a terminal illness you have a “Duty to Die.” Of course this not being a perfect world you find corruption, perfectly healthy people diagnosed with terminal illnesses for profit.

Father Grif Mysteries – D.J. Delffs

The Martyr’s Chapel and The Judas Tree by D.J. Delff is about crime solving Father Grif. I picked up these books online because they were cheap and the stories sounded interesting. I wasn’t disappointed. In the The Martyr’s Chapel we see some nice twist of fate. In The Judas Tree we see the struggle with traditions of the “old” ways and the interference of modern man. We also see a young man come to a critical decision.

Great stories and the second one was a very fast read.

Shadow of Dreams – Everson & Chadwick

Story of Katie Morgan, wife of a wealthy hotel owner, runaway… after 25 years she’s returning home.

This story was ok, not one of my favorites but I did finished. I guess part of my problem was there wasn’t a strong line of redemption. At some point Katie recommitted her life, but I missed it.