Summon the Shadows – Everson/Chadwick

I wasn’t crazy about the first book in this series, but when I was able to pick up books 2 & 3 at the local Christian bookstore for $3 each I figured why not.

I must say book 2 – Summon the Shadows was much better than the previous story. The authors did a great job of bringing new characters and tying back to characters in the previous version.

Katie Webster is now managing her missing husband’s 5-Star New York Hotel. The timeframe is December 2001 and the authors did a good job to tie in the 9/11 events into the storyline. If you pick up this book be sure to read the Epilogue for a really nice teaser leading to book 3.

Since this book appears to no long be in print, be sure to check out I just listed my copy there. It appears to be a great source to trade books. If you sign up be sure to list as the reference.

Have a blessed Christmas Season!!

The Departed – Kathryn Mackel

Playing with the supernatural, is what Josh Lazarus has done. What started out as a “slight of hand” that saves a fading actress from suicide because an introduction to the occult and the danger of seeking “spiritual” help. Add to that a man driven to destroy the people he blames for the death of his precious daughter. You end with an intriguing story of God’s ability to heal the broken heart and redeem a heart consumed with darkness. In other words, I enjoyed this story. A lot of good characters, maybe too many at times to keep track of. All in all a good story.

Before another Dies – Alton Gansky

Book to in the Madison Glenn Series. Major Glenn is planning her run for congress. But there’s an oops in the way… a dead body in her parking space. This story was almost as good as the first one. And now there has to be a third one… we have to know which man Maddy will choose… the brave and handsome Dect. West or the ever faithful doctor Jerry.