The Atonement Child – Francine Rivers

Last year I read Francine Rivers book, And the Shofar Blew, and loved it. Although it’s “fiction” there are many trues that every pastor and his family should keep their eyes open for.

I hadn’t read any of Ms. Rivers other books, because they were more historical fiction. (not something I can get excited about – sorry) But I came across The Atonement Child and decided to read it. (Especially when I picked it up used for $2!!) I wasn’t disappointed! Dynah Carey had everything a girl could, loving godly parents, a fiancĂ© that was destined to be a great pastor, when tradegy hit. Dynah’s life is turned upside when she is raped and then forced to face hard decisions. It’s a story of healing and forgiveness. I can’t relate with the pain that women face from having an abortion. But this story reminded me of the importance of forgiveness and their need to find it for themselves. And the importance of the church to support brothers and sisters in the Lord, not destroy them!
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Distant Echoes – Colleen Coble

I LOVE Dolphins!!! So when I saw the cover us this book and read the back cover to see a dolphin was a primary part of the story I had to read it. It was a wonderful story of God’s forgiveness and His desire for us to forgive those who have hurt us. There was also espionage, cane spiders, and of course, love.

The Incumbent – Alton Gansky

This is the first book I’ve read by Alton Gansky, but it won’t be the last. I’ve already purchased the second book in there series.

This book moved well, had some good plots as well as a nice twist or two. Gansky writes very well almost too graphic in a couple of places, but you feel like you’re right there in the action.