Chat Room – Linda Hall

This is book two in the “Teri Blake-Addison” series. Almost as good as the first one. Though you wil figure out the “who” probably half-way through the book. The ending seems to come together in a quick “neat” little package with a couple of surprises.

Overall, it was an enjoyable story that reminds of us the importance of the “physical” body of Christ and being involved with our Church families.

Three – Ted Dekker

I’ve had mixed feelings about Dekker’s work. Showdown was a little weird to me, but this book was AMAZING. I became so engorssed with the characters and trying to figure out what would happen. I never dreamed it would really end the way it did. You end up feeling Kevin’s pain and confusion.

It also reminded me how important it is to love my kids.

Fair Warning – Hannah Alexander

I love vacation!! Because I usually go to San Diego which means SeaWorld and Legoland which means a chance to read! Even though it was only 2 1/2 days I had the chance to finish up 1 book and read another. One of the books was Hannah Alexander’s “Fair Warning.” It appears to be the 3rd book in a series you didn’t feel like you were jumping into the middle of a story and didn’t know what was going on. Hannah Alexander writes good characters that have a lot of personality. The story moved at a good pace and had a great twist. The only problem I had with the story was possible editor’s miss. At one point in the story our heroine’s car is wrecked, yet shortly lately reference is made to seeing it in the parking lot. Not sure there was enough time to get it repaired… but I can overlook it for the sake of a good storyline.