A Girl’s Best Friend (Spa Girls Collection) – Kristin Billerbeck

This was an enjoyable story. Not my usual mystery, but it was fun. A reminder that life is more than material things. This book is what I call “light” reading and gives you things to think about and examine in your own life but not so heavy that you’re distraught.

It’s interesting how the author writes in first person based on who the focus is on. In the first book, Lilly was the focus and the one “telling the story” in this book Morgan was coming into her own, I’m sure the third book will be focused on Poppy. It will be interesting to see what adventure awaits the holistic chiropractor. It should be good!

Storm Surge – Rene Gutteridge

A great way to start the new year by finished a wonderful book and a wonderful series. I’ve enjoyed following the story of Mick Kline, bad boy turned to FBI agent. And of course there is his fasination with storms. And what a fitting way to end the series with a major storm!

I’m not sure “Storm Surge” was as good as the others, he was a little dense in figuring out a key clue but that could be contributed to the “women” in his life. Another nice touch to the storyline.

Again another winner by Rene Gutteridge!

Other Books in the Series

Terminal Mercy – Ed Stewart

First book I’ve read by Ed Stewart, maybe my last… wasn’t a bad book but it always bothers me when there are typos. Which there were more than one!

It did have a good storyline and I didn’t see who “the bad guy” was until near the end.