The List – Robert Whitlow

This was one of my favorite books I read during 2004. Robert Whitlow, a former lawyer turned writer, writes in a style that I find captivating. This is the story of a southern young lawyer, Renny, who’s father dies suddenly. Thinking he’ll inherit the family fortune he finds that all his father left him was a List. The List and the men tied to it promise fortune for a lifetime. However, there are strings attached. A great story of good conquering evil, redemption, and of course, love…

Evidence of Mercy – Terri Blackstock

I’m beginning to really enjoy Terri Blackstock’s writing. (So glad I didn’t let Cape Refuge turn me off!)
In this story, Evidence of Mercy, you meet Lynda and Jake. Two people very different and yet very much alike. Their first priority in life are themselves. They can’t see beyond satisify their own needs at the expense of anyone in their way. You want to hate Jake at the beginning, but you soon realize that he’s a hurting soul that has gotten by on his good looks and money. Lynda reminds me a little too much of myself, not wanting to depend on anyone else, too absorbed in things that have no eternal meaning. I’m reminded through this story that the people around are much more important than jobs, nice things, and even solitude.

Cape Refuge #4 – Breaker’s Reef

Well, it took 4 days to finish reading Terri Blackstock’s lastest book in the Cape Refuge Series, “Breaker’s Reef.” A very enjoyable story, that includes romance, mystery, and of course redemption. In this edition, the focus is on Shelia and the “sins of her past.”

I enjoyed this book, “The River’s Edge” is still my favorite, but this was a good book.