Showdown – Ted Dekker

This is the first book I’ve read that was solely written by Ted Dekker. This book is kind of dark, but I did enjoy it. This book didn’t seem to have a strong line of redemption like most of the ones that I’ve read, but you see a father’s love throughout. As well as the consquences of living in disobedience.

Blind Dates Can be Murder – Mindy Starns Clark

Another great story by Mindy Starns Clark!!! We find our hero getting ready to go on a blind date. Not only is her blind date not what she envisioned by he’s dead before dessert.

A Man Called Blessed – Dekker and Bright

Sequel to a book I read quite a while ago Blessed Child, Caleb is all grown up and “lost.” Like so many of us he’s lost his first love. This was a good story with lots of reminders of how we as Christians tend to forget our first love. Some of the outcomes are predictable but all in all I enjoyed the story.