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    How Conveyor Enterprises in China Should Build Their Own Brands
    After many years of development, China's conveyor industry has achieved a certain industry scale and a relatively perfect market system. As the country attaches more and more importance to mine construction and supports infrastructure construction, the conveyor industry will face an excellent opportunity for industrial upgrading in the next five years. The industrial upgrading will not only lay a broader road for the future development of the conveyor industry, but also mean that the conveyor companies face the challenge of reshuffling the industry. China's conveyor industry is numerous. There are giants in the mining machinery industry with huge output, and small workshop enterprises with relatively low production capacity. How to stand out in the fierce competition in the conveyor market to achieve sustainable development has become an important issue for many conveyor companies.
    In general, companies that quickly silence their companies in the process of major industry reshuffle are those with poor production capacity and low product quality. For those companies that usually focus on independent innovation and R&D, are adept at unpredictable market changes, have perfect product sales channels and excellent product quality, and have farsightedness, this is undoubtedly a good opportunity to strengthen brand influence and achieve brand upgrading. The added value of a brand as an enterprise product is of great significance to the development of a company, because the trust of the market for the brand and the pursuit of the brand have made the brand itself the focus of the market. And for a company with a good brand favored by the market, the brand means a good sales channel and a relatively stable market customer base.
    The brand construction and brand management of China's conveyor companies are relatively backward. At present, whether it is in the domestic market or the international market, the name of China's conveyor brand may be very few. This is inconsistent with the huge number of conveyor companies in China, which also shows that China's conveyor brand Lack of consciousness. Building a brand and raising the value of a brand is not a day or two. This requires the company's own efforts and long-term market recognition. Only the company's own product quality and performance are superior, is in line with market demand, and must be recognized by the market before they can build a brand foundation. Conversely, if the quality of a company's products does not matter, even if companies invest more time and money in brand building, it does not help. Many conveyor companies in our country lack what they lack. They only know how to build a car behind closed doors and don't know how to inject the brand culture into their products. They do brand management. Therefore, they are not well-known in the market, and cannot be trusted by users. Therefore, the market is not good enough.
    To enhance the brand value of conveyor companies and build their own brands, Chinese conveyor companies must first increase investment in scientific research to ensure the quality of conveyor products. After gaining recognition from the market, they must increase brand awareness, define brand positioning, and improve products in an all-round way. In order to make China's conveyor products more competitive on the international market.

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