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    Problems and Solutions in Operation of Corrugated Block Conveyors
    The wavy belt has a large local force at the turning of the convex and concave arc sections and is prone to lateral deformation. When the deformation reaches a certain degree, the phenomenon of edging and hitting the diaphragm by the idler and the pressure belt pulley may occur, even in the convex arc section. Derailment at the pinch roller causes an outage. The material falls from the top of the diaphragm and causes scattering in the inclined section or vertical section.

    The rectangular wavy belt structure indicates the returning (leakage) material of the wavy belt and the improvement measures. When the wavy belt returning (leakage) material edging machine is in operation, except that the humidity of the material may cause the material to return, the rest of the materials are wavy and return. Bring about. A gap between the diaphragm and the rib can cause leakage, as shown. In the case of conveying dry, powdery, well-fluid materials with a large transport angle, leakage is more pronounced. Improve the cleaning capacity of the unloading section. Add a rapping wheel or vibrating motor sweeping device to the unloading section, but the head hopper discharge height should be greater than 1500mm. If the unloading section does not have a horizontal section, the unloading height must be increased appropriately.

    Reduce the gap between the diaphragm and the rib. The main measures are: the spacing of the bulkheads should be chosen as an integral multiple of the spacing of the ribs; the bulkheads and ribs should be bolted together; the bulkheads should be inserted into the concave parts of the ribs. The deviation of the wavy belt and its improvement measures Due to the diaphragm and the ribs on the corrugated belt, it is unable to install the self-aligning idler like a normal belt conveyor, and the wavy belt runs rigorously. In addition, the wavy belt is mostly an overall belt, and if the center of the joint surface of the joint of the belt is not completely coincident, it is easy to run away.

    Reasonable choice of the height and spacing of the diaphragm When the choice of the height and spacing of the diaphragm is reasonable, the materials along the length of the base belt are arranged to improve the conveying efficiency. Some wavy belts do not consider the relationship between the height and spacing of the diaphragm when designing the model, resulting in intermittent no-load conditions along the length of the belt.

    Each segment of the graphic description is independent, and no corresponding projection relationship is automatically generated between different views. The graphic description file provides the device with the graphics required by different modules such as rendering, elevation elevation, and the like. The designer selects a concave arc segment that is substantially similar to the shape of the desired solid as the transition from the lower horizontal segment to the inclined segment (or vertical segment) where the tension is small. If the radius of curvature is increased, the compression deformation of the ribs will be smaller, and it will not be easy to crush materials and lose materials, so that the material can smoothly transition and extend the service life of the wavy belt.

    Concave-arc compression belt pulleys are generally also based on the use of a compound press belt pulley (its construction is similar to that of a multiple-retainer pulley, as shown). If the particle size of the material being conveyed is large, even if the conveying volume is not large, it should be considered to use a pressure roller group to block the central axis of the pulley. Concluding remarks In the use of baffling machine more or less there are some problems, some of its own quality problems, but there are a considerable part of the design selection, process layout and other issues arising. After years of technological improvement, the problems that the edgers have encountered are gradually being solved and will surely be applied in more fields.

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