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    Some problems with heat-resistant conveyor belts
    The heat-resistant conveyor belt adopts a unique material to realize the transport of high-temperature materials. However, some problems still occur in the process of use, thereby causing some appearance defects. The following Bucheon wants to explain in detail the causes of the heat-resistant conveyor belt problems and their solutions.
    Some of the reasons for the appearance defects of the heat-resistant conveyor belt are as follows: 1 The horn is too thin or the compression ratio is too large. 2 When the conveyor belt is vulcanized, the pressure is too high. 3, the width of the raw material is too wide, and the mold frame has not been pulled down yet. 4 The conveyor belt edge is too small. At this time, you can choose the right horn, adjust the pressure of the vulcanization unit area, the vulcanization and stretching should be appropriate, and choose the edge of the plastic strip. In addition, there is a case where the body is bent. The reasons for this may be due to equipment and operation. When bending occurs, first check that the three clamps of the plate vulcanizer are not in a straight line. If the degree of tension at the time of the first stretching and the second cold stretching at the time of vulcanization is not ninety degrees, a bending band is often caused. Therefore, the operator may be bent when the angle is not correct during stretching or if the gripper is loosened and tightened on one side. The solution: 1 The forming process should be staggered as much as possible. 2. Always check the angle of operation of the front, middle, and rear three grippers and whether they are the same as the clamped left and right hydraulic pressures. 3. Regularly adjust the plate to reduce the left and right errors. 2 The raw belt is to be placed in the vulcanization zone. As long as the essential cause of the problem is found in the heat-resistant conveyor belt, it is easier to avoid the recurrence of such problems during the manufacturing and use.
    Not only heat-resistant conveyor belts, but also other equipment such as conveyors and idlers need to find the root cause first, and then use a reasonable method to solve it.

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