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    Conveyor belt wear prevention precautions
    (1) Replace the unloading hoppers at all coal feeder discharge ports and tilt them at an angle. In the lower part of the increase in the buffer, large pieces of coal, concrete directly on the buffer, will not be directly on the conveyor belt. This greatly reduces the impact of bulk coal and ramming on the conveyor belt and protects the conveyor belt.
    (2) Operators are trained before being formally employed, and they can all operate independently. And every 30 days organize a technical training, process regulations, discipline education, so that they operate to a level of proficiency. In addition, patrolling workers and maintenance workers are required to inspect carefully, and the new idler roller should be promptly replaced when the idler that is about to break or rotate is inflexible, and the bad idler roller should be replaced promptly.
    (3) Let patrolling workers and maintenance workers carefully study the method of deviation adjustment, organize technical training every 30 days, and distribute tools to require them to conduct serious inspections in their work, and immediately adjust them as soon as deviations are discovered, so that the equipment can run smoothly. Nor is it spilled.
    (4) lengthen the material slot and conveyor belt of all the coal falling points, and increase the 3-5 ITI mesh guard net, so that the meteorite will not get stuck or fall between the roller rack and the return section conveyor belt. This way, the large pieces of coal will be blocked by the guard net when they fall, and will follow the direction of the conveyor belt.
    (5) Several brackets are welded on the roller bracket to reinforce and welds are made at each welding joint to increase the strength of the roller bracket. The brackets are attached to the rollers to fix the idler roller so that the idler is not snagged. under. In addition, the coal mining face is strengthened to ensure that large coals and lumps are not on the conveyor belt. After the implementation, the idler was barely squatted and the idler frame was not damaged, effectively protecting the conveyor belt.
    (6) Add 2 idler racks in each idler rack at the lowest point of all lanes of the belt conveyor to reduce the span of the idler rack and increase the density of the idler rack. The conveyor belt transports the coal no longer sag in the idler overhead through the low enthalpy, ensuring the safe operation of the conveyor belt.
    (7) Strengthen the safe and civilized production of belt conveyor roadways and coal mining face, so that it meets the requirements of standardization.
    (8) Make four U-shaped rings, fix the four corners of the tensioning cart on the rails, and do not allow it to jump up and down and swing left and right to prevent the lane from falling, and the forward and backward movements will not affect. This will not affect the adjustment of the belt tension according to the working conditions of the conveyor belt, nor does it affect the normal operation of the tensioning device.
    (9) Strengthen post technical training for belt conveyor drivers, maintenance workers, and patrolling workers. After passing the exam, they will hold certificates. Strengthen the education of responsibility for belt conveyor drivers, maintenance workers and patrolling workers, earnestly implement the post responsibility system, observe carefully, operate meticulously, find problems in a timely manner, and improve safety awareness. Strengthen the education and management of operators and maintenance workers, strengthen labor discipline, and ensure that belt conveyors always maintain good conditions.
    (10) Strengthen routine maintenance and maintenance of belt conveyor safety protection devices, improve various prescribed protections, ensure that all kinds of protection are complete, sensitive and reliable, and make belt conveyors not run for long periods without protection.

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