October a Look Back in Books

One of my favorite Christian Book Review sites is Christian Bookshelf Reviews. Melanie does a great job reviewing books and has several great features. If you’ve not checked out her site I’d highly recommend it! One of her features is a monthly review of the books she’s read. I really liked that idea so, here I go!

I was first introduced to Rene Gutteridge in her book Storm Surge. I also read some of her “Boo” series. And want to finish that one, it’s really fun!

This book was very different than anything I’ve read by Gutteridge. It seemed darker than any of the others I read. But it was really good and definitely some surprises in the story.

WOW! Book 2 in Eason’s Elite Guardians this one was even better than the first one, Always Watching, which was excellent! Eason has created a strong set of characters in this series, but each one of them is “damaged” in some way and needs God to bring healing. I love the action in this book as well as the story line around Civil War history. I also like how in each of the books, so far, she’s had a high school age character that is a major part of the story.

Book three in the series, Moving Target, is slated to release the end of January. It sounds even better!

Such a fun read! I had the opportunity to read book 3, Calico Spy, for review and absolutely loved the story. So when this book was either free or available at low cost on Amazon I grabbed it.

This Pinkerton detective finds herself in a “house of ill repute” trying to solve a murder and find a notorious bank robber. Like Calico Spy there is mystery in trying to solve the “whodunit” but there are laughs and touching moments as well.

These books can be read independently of each other.

I’m looking forward to having a chance to read book 2 in the series, Undercover Bride.

Another excellent story by Nancy Mehl. She writes stories that grab you quickly. This one was action packed, suspenseful, with some romance, and some touching moments.

The first book in the series, I had read Rising Darkness, Book 3 of the series. And although there are characters that crossover they definitely can be read independently of each other. Looking to read book 2, Deadly Echos, in the future.

And finally I finished the month with a cozy mystery by Susan Sleeman. I must confess, cozy mysteries aren’t my first choice. Having read some many suspense novels by Brandilyn Collins and Terri Blackstock I like the adrenal rush from those types of books. However, this was an enjoyable read that made me smile and laugh from time to time. It was also fun to try and figure out “whodunit.” Which I had a guess but the author didn’t reveal too much too soon.

I’m sure I’ll read more cozy mysteries.

That’s what I read in October. November has me introduced to a new author with an interesting style and flavor to his story. I’m trying to meet some of my challenges from Goodreads so who knows what I might be reading.

See you next month.

Please feel free to comment on what your favorite book of October was!

What I’ve Been Reading

This past week I finished Heather Blanton‘s latest book
Really good! I like Heather’s style. Her books are easy to read but they have an edge to them. This book wasn’t as edgy as the Defiance series, but it was there.

For one of my Goodreads challenges I read Just Desserts which looks like is now only available in this set. It was a cute story, though I feel like I’ve read it. I didn’t find it on my “Read” bookshelf.

Another book I’ve been try to read is Davis Bunn‘s newest one: 

I’ve struggled with this book, simply because of the subject matter. The banking industry and the high end trades that they are involved with doesn’t interest me. Esther is an interesting character but the story has been a struggle for me. Maybe it just a little too technical for me.

Hopefully I can get back to reading, Lynette Easton’s newest book:

I had to put it on the shelf when I received The Domino Effect, but since I’m almost done with it I’ll get back to this one. Book one was really good and the opening pages of book two were grabbing my attention.


If you’ve actually made it this far, my interview with James Rubart went south about 5 minutes into the interview. His router died on him. I hope that we will be able to reschedule.  I also trying to get the give aways up and going again. 

I’ll be posting my review of Heather Blanton’s new book this week. Really good and the Kindle version can be pre-ordered for only 99 cents!

What I’ve Been Reading

Before I share what I’ve been reading..

I’ve been trying to do 3 blog posts a week, Sunday new book watch, Wednesday a book review and Friday sharing what I’ve been reading. However, with everything going on in my life this year I’ve failed miserably. So I’ve been looking for additional resources to provide my readers. I found the CrossReads Community. It looks like I’ll be able to offer more content and give aways!


Now… what I’ve been reading…

This week I’ve been reading for pleasure, not review books at the moment. As I’m leading the ACFW Book club discussion next month I’m reading Deborah Raney’s Close to Home  It started out kind of slow for me. But as I read it I’m starting to enjoy it more and more. Love Bree, want to slap Aaron, and am cheering for Drew and with the last chapter I read I’m kind of not liking Audrey. It will be interesting to see how this book ends up.

The second book I’m reading is Bathsheba by Jill Eileen Smith. This one I’m reading because it starts with a “B” and I’m doing the Goodreads Super A-Z challenge. It is interesting especially since the author has to take so much liberty in developing the story. We know from scripture how David got involved with Bathsheba. But now I want to go back and see if some of the backstory that the author has given is in scripture.

This week’s Review…

This week I’ll be reviewing DiAnn Mills’ newest book, Deadly Encounter. Summary of the review: SOOOO GOOOD!