Worth Dying For by Rorke Denver

About this Book

In a fast-paced and action-packed narrative, Navy SEAL commander Rorke Denver tackles the questions that have emerged about America’s past decade at war—from what makes a hero to why we fight and what it does to us.

Heroes are not always the guys who jump on grenades. Sometimes, they are the snipers who decide to hold their fire, the wounded operators who find fresh ways to contribute, or the wives who keep the families together back home. Even a SEAL commander—especially a SEAL commander—knows that. But what’s a hero, really? What do we have a right to expect from our heroes? How should we hold them accountable? Amid all the loose talk of heroes, these questions are seldom asked.

As a SEAL commander, Rorke Denver is uniquely qualified to answer questions about what makes a hero or a leader, why men kill, how best to serve your country, how battlefield experiences can elevate us, and most importantly, why we fight and what it does for and to us. In Worth Dying For, Denver tackles many of these issues by sharing his personal experiences from the forefront of war today.

Denver applies some of his SEAL-sense to nine big-picture, news-driven questions of war and peace, in a way that appeals to all sides of the public conversation. By broadening the issues, sharing his insights, and achieving what civilian political leaders have been utterly unable to, Denver eloquently shares answers to America’s most burning questions about war, heroism, and what it all means for America’s future.

My Review

This book is a great reminder of what is important in life. The author shares from his real life experiences and applies them to every day life. This book would be a great read for any leader.

My favorite chapter was where he talked about being a father of daughters. It was so enjoyable to read how this big tough Navy Seal tries to figure out how to deal with emotional little girls.

This book is well written and moves at a great pace. People who enjoy military stories should also enjoy this book.

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10 Prayers You Can’t Live Without – Rick Hamlin

About this Book

Real-life encouragement for a very personal relationship with God.
In 10 Prayers You Can’t Live Without, Guideposts executive editor Rick Hamlin shares ten real-life ways of praying to our loving God. It includes the practical insight Hamlin has gained about prayer from the everyday men and women in the pages of Guideposts magazine and from his own lifelong journey in prayer.

Readers will be encouraged that prayer is an ongoing conversation, that God wants them to talk about anything. They’ll read about the power of prayers around the dinner table, how to give themselves a time and place for prayer every day, praying in a crisis; asking for forgiveness, praying the Psalms, and how to listen to the spiritual nudges God gives us.

My Review

This isn’t really a book about how to pray, but more of a book reminding you WHY you should pray. The author tells many stories from his personal life as well as stories he has learned in his role as Executive Editor of Guideposts Magazine. There were many stories that brought me to tears at seeing God’s faithful response to prayer.

The author does talk about different types of prayer, such as the Lord’s Prayer and how people when faced with difficult circumstances that found peace in those words. He also talked about the “No” prayer that we pray when the unthinkable has happened. He reminds us that God hears those prayers as well.

This book is a great reminder that God does hear our prayers and we don’t have to wax eloquent to find God’s peace and answers. This is not a how-to book, if that’s what you are looking for you’ll be disappointed. But if you’re looking for a book where the author is transparent about his own struggles and the victories he has seen through prayer, this book will definitely encourage you.

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My Prayer Journal-A 90-Day Journey to a More Fulfilled Prayer Life by Ralph Spiller

My Review

You may have heard of the ACTS prayer model, Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication. The P-R-A-Y-E-R Journal is very similar in that each letter represents an aspect of our prayer time. As the author states, “The concept for this book is based on the acronym – P-R-A-Y-E-R – to present a method to remember the elements of prayer.

What the author does is gives you an opening scripture reference, from there he uses the acronym combined with scripture to help you focus on what or how you should pray. One day for the “A” asking section he encourages you to pray for those needing salvation on another day your church leadership. He uses the same scriptures for the P and R but uses different scriptures for the other areas.

There is a place at the end of each day to make notes regarding your prayer time. Unlike the ACTS model where new believers might stumble on the word supplication the PRAYER model uses words that anyone should be able to understand. This is an ideal book for people who need structure or a place to start. The acronym and basic scriptures would also be good for those new to the Christian faith or for those who are teachers or in a discipling relationship with a new believer.


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