I’ve read two other of Lorena McCourtney’s books, Invisible and In Plain Sight, from the Ivy Malone series. These were very entertaining light-hearted mystery stories. I figured that Whirlpool would be along the same lines. However, this story was much more dramatic and intense than the Ivy Malone stories.

I’ve read so many novels in the past 4 years that many times I can figure out “whodunnit” long before it’s revealed. This story kept me guessing and jumping back and forth between the characters who could have done it. We also find an unlikely hero in the story, which adds a “sweetness” to it.

Stephanie and Ryan are wonderful characters that you’ll enjoy getting to know and watching their relationship develop.

I look forward to not only finishing up the Ivy Malone Series but reading more of the Julesburg Mysteries.

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