It’s been a busy week and I didn’t have a lot of time to read.

I read the second in the four part story of the  Smitten Book Club, by Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Denise Hunter, and Diann Hunt. This one was by Kristin Billerbeck. It was really good as well. Though I guessing the copy from Netgalley may not be the finished product. The transition between the two sections didn’t flow.

I’m still reading is Lisa Lickel’s book The Map Quilt.  This is an okay book, not great book. I have a feeling though once she I finish it I’ll appreciate it and see how the pieces fell toghether.

I did finish What Once Was Lost, last night. I really enjoyed this story. I liked the style of the author and how the story came together. It was very touching. I’ll be doing a full review and give away next week.

This month the American Christian Fiction Writers group will be discussing, Dani Pettrey’s, Stranded. This is the third book in the series. I trust it will be really good, the other two have been and thanks to Barnes and Noble gift cards for Christmas I got it for free!

It looks like I may be a discussion leader for the ACFW Book club. I’ll let you, it’s been really fun to discuss books with this group.

Have a blessed week!

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