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I’ve been involved in worship ministry for over 20 years when evaluating worship songs the first thing I look at are the lyrics. If there  is no solid Biblical message or a focus on worshipping God then there’s no point in the song. Overall, the songs on this CD contain solid lyrics. The only song I had an issue with was the title song, Our God Comes. They sing a phrase, “Our God comes He will not keep silent, He will not allow injustice over us.”  We are seeing churches being attacked and Christians killed in many places around the world, in a sense that is an injustice, of course, ultimately as Christians we win, man can only kill the body. That’s really the only issue with the lyrics and based on the other lyrics I don’t think the writer was being flippant in his theology.

The second thing I look at is sing-ability of songs. If the only people who can sing the songs are the worship team then it’s a concert not worship. The primary leader was a tenor which meant the songs were a little high for me as an alto, but the songs can  probably have a key change to help everyone sing them. Unfortunately, the songs aren’t available on CCLI yet so I couldn’t review the sheet music. The songs are all singable with melodies that are catchy and engaging. The songs also vary in tempos and the group uses both guitar driven and piano driven songs.

The final thing I look at is whether the songs will fit with my congregation. In other words, will the style of the songs be something the congregation will enjoy. Overall these songs would fit your younger congregations, under 40. However, some of the songs, like Wonderful Counselor, would work for just about any congregation.

Disclaimer: I would like to thank B&B Media for the opportunity to review this worship CD. I was under no obligation to give anything other than my honest opinion.

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6 Replies to “Our God Comes – Worship CD”

  1. Love to worship music – listen to it while I’m online, & in my car! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of the CD!

  2. That was a beautiful video. I loved the song and the photos. I love music and find myself listening to different genres depending on my mood but on Sunday, I only listen to Spiritual and uplifting music. My new favorite song is not just one song but the entire album titled “Born Brave” by Katherine Nelson. She has a few more songs out and one that find myself really be drawn to is “Sometimes He Lets It Rain”. It is a powerful song that reminds me that trials are necessary for me to grow stronger Spiritually.

  3. There are so many good worship songs that it would be too hard to pick one. I do appreciate the worship music in my church which basically tries to have something for all ages since we are multigenerational.

    I like a mix of music and find when more people are engaged because their style is a part of the service that the service seems more Spirit filled. It seems when some styles are left out that people may feel neglected and distracted from the real reason for being in the service.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to find out what God’s favorite worship song is so we could claim that as ours, too?

    1. That’s so true Janice! It would be interesting to know which songs He just shakes His head and goes “Why??” but then again, He looks at our hearts and if they are truly focused on Him the words might not matter that much…

  4. Sounds like a wonderful C D. I’m sure my husband and I would enjoy it. I think my favorite worship song is still “I Can Only Imagine.”

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