I have really enjoyed Terri Blackstock stories. Her latest the Restoration series was just outstanding. The Newpointe 911 series was another just amazing series. So I decided to check out the “Second Chances” series. At the beginning Terri Blackstock shares the story about this series and at a point in her life she realized that her writing wasn’t glorifying to God. She had compromised her beliefs to sell books. She was given back the rights to some of these books and was able to rewrite them to be more glorifying to God, thus, the Second Chances series.

This first story is the story of a dad, who has recently lost his wife to cancer and is afraid the woman taking pictures of his daughter may be a kidnapper. The reality is, the woman is his daughter’s biological mother. From the beginning you know how the story will end. However, it’s an interesting journey from revelation to conclusion.

It’s a well written easy to read story with enjoyable characters.

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