What I’ve been Reading

First off the winner of “Sisterchicks do the Hula” was Chris G.

Now what I’ve been reading. I finished Roping the Wrangler and Unspoken. Roping the Wrangler was for the American Christian Fiction Writers group discussion. I enjoyed the story and will be curious how the discussion goes this week. If you like Historical Romance it has a lot of merit. Unspoken was good. I’ll be posting my full review and give away this Wednesday.

Roping the Wrangler Unspoken

I’ve been reading book 4 of the Squeaky Clean Mysteries by Christy Barritt, Dirty Deeds. I really enjoy this series. Gabby St. Clair is such an enjoyable character. The only bad thing, is I read the description of book 5 so I have an idea of how this will end.

I’m also reading Dani Pettrey’s book, ShatteredThe first one in this series was really good and this one is looking like it will be as good if not better than the first one.

Dirty Deeds Shattered

I do have a review coming for a great slow cooker recipe book. I want to try a few more recipes first, but I can tell you there’s some good stuff in there!

Have a blessed week!

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I love to read, especially mystery books. Though in the past couple of years I've been a part of the ACFW Book Club and have found some wonderful writers. It's been fun to interact with authors.

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