First off the Winners of the August Give Aways!!

A Sound Among Trees was won by Diana R.

Violet Dawn was won by Cherie K.

Congrats to you both and thank you to everyone who stopped by. There are more give aways coming in August!

I finished Christy Barritt’s The Good Girl. Such a great book! I enjoy Christy’s writing and the characters she brings to her books.

I also finished In the Paths of Righteousness by Debbie Viguie. Loved this edition of the Psalm 23 Mysteries. I’m looking forward to more in this series. Cindy and Jeremiah are fun to watch their relationship grow.

Another book I finished this week was The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate. Very different from the other two but still enjoyable. Such a great concept I’ve started a journal in a similar format. I’ll be posting my review and a give away this Tuesday. Also, in the interview with Lisa you’ll hear more about the idea of the prayer box. It’s really neat.

Hopefully, I’ll finish Francis Chan’s Multiply this week. I really like how Chan focuses this book. He’s an excellent teacher through his writing.

This week I’m reading Virginia Smith’s newest book, The Days of Noah. I’m just getting started but I think it’s going to be good. We really don’t know much about the society around Noah during the time other than it was wicked. Ginny is weaving a story about just how wicked it was. She is also allowing us to get to know Noah’s family. Yes it’s fiction because we won’t know what they were really like this side of heaven, but she’s making it interesting.

Welcome! I appreciate your thoughts!

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