I’ve been busy at work but trying to read some great books. Two non-fiction ones, that have been challenging. Faith Dare has been really good and encouraging. I’m reading it as part of the Women’s Bible Cafe online Bible study. The frustrating thing is I should be reading it first thing in the morning and haven’t been able to get to it for the first three days.

Multiply by Francis Chan focuses on evangelism and discipleship. He focuses on the importance of developing relationships. What is really interesting about the book and says a lot about the author is the website that has been set up as part of the book, www.multiplymovement.com .  There you can download a complete PDF of the book, PDF of handouts for a small group study and there are videos that go along with each chapter.

On my Kindle I’m reading Seaside Harmony by Evangeline Kelley. It’s been cute so far and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes, although, I have a good idea.

In paperback, I’m reading Robert Whitlow’s newest book, The Living Room. It’s been interesting and very different than what he’s written in the past, for one thing, there isn’t a lawyer as a main character.

Hopefully, I’ll get at least one book finished this week.

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  1. How do you juggle all your reading? Do you keep each book in a different location for its special reading time? Just wondering because I have several I need to read at the same time. My husband reads one aloud in the car for our commute so that one has a special designated time.

    Janice G

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