Cape Refuge Series – Terri Blackstock

Book 1 – Cape Refuge
This was first Terri Blackstock I read. One of the main characters, Blair, made me want to slap someone – namely Blair. However, I stuck out the book and overall enjoyed it.

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By Terri Blackstock / Zondervan Corp.

Sisters Blair and Morgan are determined to find the real killer of their parents, Thelma and Wade Owens. Surely it isn’t the police’s prime suspect—Morgan’s husband, Jonathan, a local fisherman in Cape Refuge, Georgia, where the Owens family ran an inn and dockside ministry. Perhaps it’s one of the guests at the bed and breakfast! 368 pages, softcover from Zondervan.

Book 2 – Southern Storm
In this book Terri Blackstock really developed the characters, especially Blair, this made for a very enjoyable and intriguing story. When I finished Southern Storm I could hardly wait for the next one in the series.

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By Terri Blackstock / Zondervan Corp.

Police Chief Cade disappears without a trace after accidentally hitting a man with his patrol car and killing him. While the rest of the police force looks for him and chases a series of clues that condemn Cade as a murderer, Blair Owens can’t believe he is guilty of such a crime. Instead, she conducts her own search for the truth.

Meanwhile, there are disturbing reports of babies being kidnapped from area hospitals. When a ransom call comes to Hanover House from a baby’s abductor, everyone is shocked when the call is traced to Cade’s cell phone. Could he be involved in the baby’s disappearance? Is that why he’s missing?

Blair knows Cade wouldn’t leave without a word and he would never be involved in kidnapping children. But how can she prove it when all the evidence points to him?

Book 3 – River’s Edge
This book was WONDERFUL! The story made me laugh and cry. Truly the best one of this series… so far.

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By Terri Blackstock / Zondervan Corp.

The man Lisa Jackson loved most may have betrayed her. Another used deception to manipulate her. But did one of them kill her?

Ben Jackson is sure to defeat Jonathon Cleary in Cape Refuge’s mayoral race, until his wife turns up missing the day before a major debate. Suspecting foul play, Police Chief Cade launches an island-wide search. But it takes a psychic’s “vision” to point police to the riverside–and Lisa’s body.

Book 4 – Breaker’s Reef

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By Terri Blackstock / Zondervan Corp.

Welcome to a small Georgia town that harbors mystery and suspense. Two teenaged girls are murdered—and ex-con Sheila Caruso is Chief Cade’s prime suspect. Fearing that the sins of the fathers truly are visited upon their offspring, Sheila wonders if her own past will be fatal to her children? 360 pages, softcover from Zondervan.

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