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Three men. Three different circumstances. Three choices.

Steven Sorenson is dating the beautiful Josephine Johnson. She is the perfect match for him. Wanting to take their relationship slowly, they agreed not to talk about marriage. However, circumstances beyond his control force him to reevaluate his plans with Josephine. Will he take the next step or shatter his mother’s dream of seeing him married?

Jake Sorenson has been married to the love of his life for over thirty-five glorious years, and then she is diagnosed with cancer. Now, he struggles with how to say goodbye to the only love he’s ever known. How will he respond when the time comes?

Arthur Hendrickson is running from his past and barely living in the present when the past catches up with him. Will he face his past and finally find freedom, or will the chains of his memories drag him down?


The Interview

I’m so excited to have my second live interview, with Joi Copeland. She and her family are a blessing to me and all that meet her. I hope you enjoy the interview. For better or worse Google Hangouts stayed focus on Joi.

My Review

Review Summary:  As I anticipated this was a story of emotional highs and lows. The author creates strong characters that have developed through the series. I especially enjoyed walking the journey with Emily and Jake as they deal with real life struggles that many face each and every day. Their story brings hope in the darkest times. The author also did a great job with the secondary story of Arthur Hendrickson.

Digging Deeper:

This is the third installment of the “Hope Series” and with each book in the series the author as well as the characters have grown. In this edition the author brings to climax a storyline that has been woven throughout the first two stories. The author also highlights a secondary character from the earlier books, Arthur Hendrickson, which adds an interesting addition to the story. I really enjoyed learning more about him and how he was impacted by Jake and Emily.

The thing I enjoyed about this story as well as the others in the series, is the author deals with real life and situations people face everyday.  The author doesn’t pussy foot around the subject either, she gives a compassionate yet realistic story of what life looks like and it can be messy and painful. Yet her story reminds us that there is a hope and something bigger in life than this world.

I would recommend this story to those who like to read about life and aren’t afraid of getting messy.

Disclaimer: I did receive this book for free, however, it was during the time it was free on Amazon. But as always, the opinions are my own.

The GIVE AWAY!! The author has been gracious enough to offer a copy of the Kindle book to a lucky winner. To be entered you must fill out the form below.  You may leave a comment for an EXTRA entry in the drawing. I’ll pick a winner on July 31st.

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