Samantha K from Kentucky won A Cowboy at Heart

Margie Y from Texas won Wishing on Willows

Cherie won Fire Storm

What I’ve been Reading

This week I finished Hope from the Past. Which is the third book in a series by newcomer (and my friend, Joi Copeland). I hope to have an interview with her in a couple of weeks. (and a give away!)

I also finished Meg Moseley’s, Gone South. It was our book for the ACFW Book club and also available for review through Overall, I enjoyed the story, women’s fiction isn’t generally my first choice, but the author gave me an interesting look at life in the south. I’ll be posting a review for it before the week’s over.

After finishing those two books, I started Steven James’ book The Bishop. It’s the third in the series and appears to be even more intense and “graphic” than the previous ones. But there’s an intensity to the books that make them enjoyable. Of course, I just realized it is book 4 in the series, and I haven’t read book 3. So I guess I’ll be putting this on the shelf and reading The Knight. Yes, I’m that OCD!

To offset the intensity of a Steven James book I’m also reading Sandra Bricker’s If the Shoe Fits. I’m still early in the book but it’s going to be cute and fun and sweet.

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