This week I’m focusing on a new study Bible from Thomas Nelson, the New Spirit-Filled Life Bible.

I love reviewing Bibles and being able to share about them.

This Bible is the New Living Translation, which I really like for devotional reading. It is a thought for thought translation that makes it easy to understand and follow.

The general editor is Jack Hayford, the founding pastor of, Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California and the author of hundreds of worship songs. He uses a lot of editors from not only the Foursquare denomination but other well known charismatic ministers throughout the United States.

The features of this Bible include what is called Word Wealth. It list many keywords from scripture along with their Hebrew or Greek work followed by a scripture that uses that word. When you turn to that reference you’ll find a highlighted paragraph that explains in detail what the word means.

Next there is a section called Truth in Action, which are spread throughout the Bible. In one column the editors outline a through that can be found in scripture and in the corresponding column it uses specific scriptures to demonstrate how to put that truth into action.  For example, in John one of the truths is “Cultivating Dynamic Devotion. The corresponding actions included:

Matt. 6:5-6 = Always Pray; Matt. 22:34-40 Know that only total love for God can empower.

It also includes charts, maps, and each page has a center column of cross references and most pages have additional notes about the passage at the bottom. At the back of the Bible there are several articles including “Holy Spirit Gifts and Power” by Paul Walker. Another interesting article is “How to Lead a Person to the Savior” by Brent Price. Finally, there is a dictionary and concordance.

The only negative I can say about this Bible, is the closer I get to 50 the smaller the print seems to get, especially the footnotes, but that’s an easy fix.

Disclaimer: I did receive this Bible from the publisher, Thomas Nelson, but was only required to give my honest opinion.

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  1. I love Jack HAyford and I would love to win this Bible. I have been using my husband’s Bibile for years, and should really get my own. 🙂

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