This week I finished both The Chase by Diann Mills and Miralee Ferrell’s Blowing on Dandelions. The Chase turned out to be really good. It wasn’t one of those grabbed me from the beginning but it flowed at a good pace and kept me interested in the characters and how the story would end. I probably won’t do a full review on it, but combine it with the second book in the series, The Survivor, which I just started. I’ll be able to give away a copy of The Survivor.

I absolutely loved Blowing on Dandelions! The characters were so likable and easy to relate to, even though were from the 19th century. It wasn’t hard to guess how the story would end, but the author gave some nice scenes that I didn’t see coming. I’ll be doing a full review and Miralee is offering a free book as well. That will be coming up in a couple of weeks.

I also started and finished Margaret Daley’s book, Love Gone to the Dogs. It was a cute book with some laughs and interesting characters. The one thing I didn’t realize about this book is it didn’t have a spiritual component. There was also one scene that shall we say, got “hot and heavy.”

This week I’m reading The Survivor by Diann Mills and it’s already looking like it will be even better than the first one. I’m glad I read them in order. Though the author has done a good job giving tidbits of the back story to not be lost.

I’m also starting a book by Brandilyn Collins, That Dog Won’t Hunt. This sounds like a very different book by Brandilyn, but she’s such a good writer, I don’t see her putting anything out there that’s not wonderful!

This week, I’ll be posting my review of Wishing on Willows including a give away.


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  1. Hi and thank you for mentioning my newest release, Blowing on Dandelions as one you’ve recently read and enjoyed. Way cool!! Can’t wait to see your full review. I really appreciate the mention.

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