I’m reading Diann Mills’ book, The Chase. I won the second book in a contest recently and wanted to read book 1 first. I just can’t help myself, I really need to read books in order. It’s a fairly good book, though, so far it really hasn’t grabbed me. I really enjoyed the other  books of hers I’ve read, Breach of Trust and Sworn to Protect. I’m sure this one will grow on me.

I’m also reading a new author for me, Miralee Ferrell. Her book Blowing on Dandelions. I’m really enjoying this book. I like the characters and the story has been good so far.

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  1. I haven’t read DiAnn Mills yet but Blowing On Dandelions was a really great book. You will really enjoy it. It was my first book by Miralee Ferrell and I am hooked!

Welcome! I appreciate your thoughts!

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