Book Three in the Zoe Shefford/Josiah Johnson stories. I loved this series and the development of the characters. JJ faces his biggest challenge as a police officer, his integrity and judgment are brought into question. He continues to struggle with who God is to him. He sees first hand what it means to trust God in the darkest situation and his friend, FBI Agent, Donnie Bevere, faces losing his family.

One of the things I liked this story, is the development of Zoe as a Christian. Seeing her grow in her faith and as a prayer warrior is a reminder that we all need to pray. God often lays people on hearts and we should always pray. We may never know this side of heaven the difference those prayers make, but we should always pray.

This story kept me interested to the end with a few surprises I didn’t see coming. The only “problem” I had with the story is I don’t know of a hospital that allows flowers in the ICU, but I can forgive that with how exciting the story was. I look forward to reading other books by Wanda Dyson. I hope to read other books by Wanda Dyson.

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