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Geraldine Jordan’s lived all her life with an unpleasant disability. She learns the meaning of painful rejection early. Any probability of obtaining a respectable suitor one day to someone like Alistair McKenna the man of her lifetime dreams is slim to none.

When Geraldine is passed off to live with controlling-zealot Uncle Henry, she grows weary of waiting for that impossible dream — until a treasured aunt arranges a potential marriage with esteemed Chicago banker, in search of a wife and mother for his young ward. The disgruntled Uncle Henry whose always believed his niece unsuitable for any man of status, quickly sets out to block the betrothal by demoting Geraldine to status of a common servant, hiring her off to a family in need of a governess.

Will the shattered Geraldine be forced to abandon all hope when she learns her prospective groom-to-be was none other than her life-long love, Alistair McKenna?

My Review

I adored Geraldine and her story. This was a wonderful story of dreams coming true and the importance of seeking wise counsel.

This story begins about 10 years after the first book and Geraldine has grown into a fine young woman. She is saddened by the death of her beloved Great-Aunt. Yet hopeful for the future as her Great-Aunt had arranged a marriage for her, but her Uncle Henry quickly destroys her hopes by informing her that she’s not fit for marriage and he’s arranged for her to be a nanny.

The Geraldine of book one has grown up but she did not grow away from her faith in God. She believes in trusting him and following through with her commitments. She also teaches us about forgiveness. She reminds me of how we should all live, with a childlike faith in God.

Although the ending was predictable, this was a quick read with some interesting incidents and characters along the way that made the story enjoyable.

I’m looking forward to book 3 in this series.


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