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Scorned with disgrace, Annabelle Jordan and her daughters are no longer welcome in her reverend uncle’s community. In need of a fresh touch of grace, Annabelle’s in no mood to seek mercy yet. Not after carrying on a youthful affair with that scoundrel of a boyfriend long enough to produce two daughters before she finally sent him away.

Now without a home, Annabelle’s convinced her answer is to find the man again and force that marriage he pledged but never kept. Annabelle knows he can provide her daughters the name, home, security, and future they need. Who else would show interest in a soiled, aging woman over thirty with two growing children?

Clearly, that was before Major Carlton Radcliffe entered her life. How was Annabelle to know she’d fall for someone beyond her reach, loyal to the faith she’s been fleeing and nobly pledged to a wife and family of his own?

My Review

I’ll be the first to admit historical fiction isn’t my first choice in genres but I enjoy trying new books and new authors. So I decided to check this book and Decisions Book Two: That Impossible Dream.
The first thing I noticed about the story was the uniqueness of the main character, Annabelle Jordan. She is a mother of two girls and has never had a husband. She played mistress to a army captain who promised to marry her but she sent him away. Now she’s been shunned by her uncle’s congregation and finds herself traveling with her youngest daughter and the nanny to find her Captain and get him to fulfill his promise. Our primary male character, Major Carlton Radcliffe has his own issues having married a woman outside his faith who leaves him shortly after the wedding with another man. To compound the situation he learns she is pregnant with his child.

This story had some funny moments in this story as well as some touching moments, especially between Major Radcliffe and Annabelle’s youngest daughter, Geraldine. You also see the worst in people in Annabelle’s uncle and his congregation as they basically run Annabelle out of town because of her sins.

I enjoyed the story’s flow and watching the story unfold. There were a couple of things that did surprise me while other things I did expect to happen. The one thing that I did find surprising and know what some may be offended by, is some of the “thoughts” of Annabelle and the Major were very sensual. Almost to the uncomfortable point, however, in reading the second book in the series I think the author wrote the part based on the characters Annabelle and the Major and their previous history.

This was a good story that probably portrays what life was like for Annabelle. I would recommend this to anyone who like historical fiction set in the mid 1800s. As mentioned before some of the story is sensual in nature, but only in thought not in deed. In fact, one of the things I appreciate about Major Radcliffe was his continuous prayers requesting his strength in the face of temptation.

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