I normally stay away from Christmas stories, but this year has been a little different. I’ve actually read FIVE Christmas books all of which I enjoyed. Here’s a brief look at the books I’ve read this season.

First was Silent Night: A Rock Harbor Christmas Novella  by one of my favorite authors, Colleen Coble. I love the Rock Harbor series and was really excited about this installment. Initially I was a little disappointed at first because of the timing issue, but I ended up enjoying the book. I hope that Colleen Coble has more opportunities to take us back to Rock Harbor. Love Bree and Kade so much. (Received this book from the publisher)

Next up was Christy Barritt’s book 2.5 in her Squeaky Clean Mysteries, It Came Upon a Midnight Crime.  I really enjoyed this story. Gabby St. Clair is such a kick of a character. I loved this story and watching her save Christmas. My only regret is I didn’t read this before reading the final book in the series. But I ended up reading the series out of order from the beginning. Maybe someday I can read it again in order. (Bought the book)

Christmas at Harrington’s was next. I’ve read at least one other Melody Carlson book geared for teens or young adults. This was geared to adults and my favorite of the three books I read by Melody. I loved the premise of this story. Lena spent seven years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. With only some thrift store clothes and a few dollars from the volunteer social worker. Heading to a new town for a new start things are starting to look up. Of course, they crash, but it was to be suspected. This was a wonderful story that I thoroughly enjoyed. (Received this book free on Amazon)

I found that I had another Melody Carlson Christmas book on my Kindle, this one was All I Have to Give. This was a very predictable story, but it was still well worth the time. Anna and Michael were dealing with something many couples deal with, infertility, but now Anna fears there’s more wrong. It will leave you feeling good at the end.

The final Christmas story I read was another Melody Carlson book, this one was The Christmas Shoppe. Another unique story with some interesting twists. I think of the three Carlson books this one had the strongest message, including the importance of not judging others by their appearance. (There were several messages in this story). Again, I received this book free on Amazon.

I haven’t read this many Christmas books at one time ever, but I enjoyed them and would recommend any of them. They all have one thing in common, they are happy ending stories. Which is okay, especially in light of the events last week we need some happy endings.




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