This has been a good month of reading some new books, new authors and some “old” favorites.

I started the month with Leann Harris’ book Fresh Start Ranch. This third book featuring characters from her “Ranch” series. I love how she weaves the characters from the other stories into each story, without losing those readers who haven’t read the other books. Because of the genre some things are predictable, but the author does throw some surprises in there that make for a wonderful story.

In The Last Bequest I met a new author, Lisa J. Lickel. This was a fun mystery with a protagonist I really enjoyed. Judy was quirky in the way she could read people. It is a mystery where you get to solve it along side the characters. There is also so very funny moments that made me laugh out loud. This is book one of a series where book two is currently available at Amazon for $2.99. (I just bought a copy!!)

The second book in Lis Wiehl The East Salem Trilogy, Darkness Rising. I really enjoyed book on until the ending where the authors took a turn to the supernatural aspect. Although, not an absolute necessity, this is a book two that will make more sense if you read book one. The author does give enough back story to book one that the reader would not be completely lost. This book book me longer to read than I wanted to. I struggled early on in the story, but soon it hit high gear and I enjoyed it.   

The most recent book I finished was The Rook by Steven James. The first book in the series, The Pawn,  I was able to download for free from Amazon. Both of these stories are incredibly gripping and intense. If you like suspense that is very descriptive this is a great series. The author does a great job of describing the scenes that you feel like you’re there. The Rook didn’t have as many graphic scenes as The Pawn. This weekend is selling the full Patrick Bowers set for $36.99.

I’m reading two books right now. One is a non-fiction  book, Real Church in a Social Network World, by Leonard Sweet. I’m still early in the book, but I’m already developing an opinion. The first couple of chapters remind us of what God has done for us and what He expects of us. There have been a couple of statements that I don’t agree with and wonder if the author was saying them to get the reader thinking. We’ll see.

An older book I’m reading is Hazardous Duty by Christy Barritt. It’s book one in her Squeaky Clean Mysteries. I read book two for a reading group. It makes me crazy to not read a series in order. So when Amazon offered this book for free not too long ago, I grabbed it. I’m still very early in the book. But my guess is it will be enjoyable.

Later this week I hope to post what books I’m looking forward to reading in the month of November. Some good stuff coming out!

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