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Dani Harris thought there wasn’t much left that could surprise her after serving as a forensic psychiatrist in East Salem. And Tommy Gunderson has faced few challenges in his life that he couldn’t overcome by either physical strength or his celebrity status. But as they race to uncover what’s really happening behind the high walls of St. Adrian’s Academy, it becomes clear that supernatural forces have been at work here for generations. And now those forces are intent on making sure Dani and Tommy don’t interfere. When the unseen becomes seen, faith is the only weapon strong enough to fight in a battle involving not just murder and betrayal—but angels and demons.

My Review

First off, let me say I really enjoyed 95% of Book 1 of this series, Waking Hours. I found it an extremely entertaining suspenseful novel. I didn’t care for the turn at the end to more of a supernatural thriller.

So I was a little leery of this book, which early one I wanted to stop reading it because it was focused on the supernatural aspect. However, the more I read the more I enjoyed the story. The story is intense at times and delves into the realm of angels and demons and the power of evil in this world. It is a definite story of good versus evil.

Dani and Tommy are back as well as Carl and Ruth. We also get to meet both Dani and Tommy’s former love interests, creating tension in Dani and Tommy’s relationship. I especially loved the character, Ben, that is introduced in this story.

This story will capture you if you stick with it. I’m glad I did and even though this type of storyline is not my favorite, I hope to read the next book in the series. The authors do a great job drawing you into the story and you want to know how it ends.


Overall, this is a good story with characters that you will cheer for and a storyline that is engaging. If you enjoy stories that delve into the supernatural this is a good one.

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I would like to thank Thomas Nelso Publishers for the opportunity to read and review this book. I was under no obligation other than to give my honest opinion.

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