My Review: This was a delightful story of lost love and lost senses, namely the ability to smell; which when you are a professional nose is disastrous. Daphne gave up her dream job and consented to move from the Bay Area to Dayton Ohio all for love, only to be left at the altar with no explanation.

Daphne decides to move to Dayton and take the new job even though it may mean working with the man who left her at the altar. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to face her ex-fiancé, but she does have to deal with a boss, Jesse Lightner, who doesn’t want her or feels that he needs her.  When he discovers she’s lost the ability to smell he tries to fire her all the while realizing he likes her.

Although Daphne and Jesse are Christians they both struggle with completely trusting Him. I loved how Daphne deals with her co-workers and how she shows God’s love to those who need it. But her character is very real, she struggles with her attitude and actions toward some of those around her.

This is one of those classic love stories that is a joy to read. Not an overly complicated storyline but it is entertaining.  You feel good when the story is over.

Disclaimer: I would like to Thomas Nelson for the opportunity to review this book, and I was under no obligation to give anything but my opinion.

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