Back for a second week sharing what I’m reading.


I finished Diann Hunt’s book For Better or Worse. What a great story! I loved the characters and really enjoyed Diann’ style. I am now reading Novel Crimes by Diann Hunt and others. Just getting started but looks like some fun stuff.

Confession time… I didn’t get to I Must Decrease: Biblical Inspiration and Encouragement for Dieters by Janice Thompson. But I know I’ll weigh in on Wednesday and it will motivate me to make time to read this encouraging book

The other book that I’m looking at right now is called A Biblical Feast by Kitty Morse. This is just an interesting book. It’s a cookbook based on food items mentioned in the Bible.This is a beautifully illustrated book of course I’ve had no time to cook this week.


I’m taking a break from The Return. And have started Robert Whitlow’s The Choice. Just started it today, but Whitlow has written so many good stories. This one is already drawing me in.  I need to get reading, it is scheduled to release August 7th.

Welcome! I appreciate your thoughts!

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