I’m back and hopefully will be a little more consistent in posting What I’m reading this week… feature each week. 

I’m currently reading an interesting book by a new author to me, Carter Vance. It’s called The Return.  I’ve just started reading it and it’s taking a little time to get use to the author’s style. It’s still early in the book so I don’t want to pass any judgments on it.

I’m also reading Diann Hunt’s book For Better or Worse. This is a book totally within my style. It’s been a fun read with great characters.

For a non-fiction book I’m reading I Must Decrease: Biblical Inspiration and Encouragement for Dieters by Janice Thompson. I started it while back and stopped. Not because it wasn’t good but because I want to be able to sit down and make notes from it. I’m finding this a very encouraging book and want to apply the principles a little more to my life. (and diet!)

The other book that I’m looking at right now is called A Biblical Feast by Kitty Morse. This is just an interesting book. It’s a cookbook based on food items mentioned in the Bible. I need to go shopping and see if I can find some of the items and try them out. So far I’m impressed with the layout and pictures in the book.

Welcome! I appreciate your thoughts!

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