My Review: Libby’s best friend and business partner,Nicole, is kidnapped right before her eyes and there’s nothing she can do to stop it. There is more than one mystery for Libby to deal with as she travels to Hope Island to find the truth about her father and to find her friend.

Once again, Colleen Coble gives readers a little bit of everything, a great mystery, strong characters to love and hate with romance mixed in, but most of all she gives us a great story.  The author paints a beautiful pictures of Hope Island, a small fishing community where everyone knows everyone’s business. Our main character not only faces a difficult past and the realization that her mother lied to her, but she deals with a half brother and sister who want nothing to do with her.

The story line is strong with the mystery of her friends kidnapping along with a lot of whys regarding her recently deceased father. As she so often does, Colleen Coble keeps you guessing who the villain is until the end. Another thing I loved about this story was Colleen brings to Hope Island a couple of my favorite characters, Bree and Samson.

Staying true with her books, the author provides us with what I call “a line of redemption” where at least one character ends the story with a relationship or stronger relationship to God than they started with. For me this is an important factor when I read Christian fiction. I want a good story with strong characters, I personally prefer and nice mix of suspense and romance, but I love seeing ways that God can work in lives.  This book gives me those things.

If you’re a Colleen Coble fan, you should enjoy this story. If you’ve never read Colleen Coble but enjoy a mystery, with romance and a hurricane, check out Tidewater Inn.

Disclaimer:  I received this copy from the publisher through however, I’m under no obligation to give anything but my honest opinion.

4 Replies to “Tidewater Inn–Colleen Coble”

  1. I have read Colleen Coble and love her books and would love to win a copy of Tidewater Inn. Thank you for the opportunity to drop my name into the hat and for offering great Christian fiction!


  2. I love mystery, suspense in my books and would love to read Collen’s release. Like your review. I have been reading Christian books for about 5 yrs and so glad I found them. I don’t like to skip parts or skim over parts of a book that are offensive to me. Thanks for the opportunity to enter giveaway.

  3. I’ve read one of Colleen’s books before and I loved it! Thanks for giving the chance to win!!

  4. I love suspense and have been wanting to read Colleen’s books. Thanks for the opportunity!


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