263478: More Beauty, Less Beast: Transforming Your Inner Ogre More Beauty, Less Beast: Transforming Your Inner Ogre
By Debora Coty / Barbour Publishing

If you ever wrestle with that out-of-control inner ogre that threatens to destroy the divinely beautiful princess hidden within, this witty and wise book is for you. With simple, practical tips for taming that nasty, unsightly beast, you’ll discover how to transform its unattractive snarl into inner and outer beauty – refashioned, revitalized, and renewed.

Review Summary: Let me just start by saying I found this book both funny and encouraging. And overall, I could related to what the author was saying.  I’m not a typical girly girl that gets excited about purses and shoes. So some of her examples leave me rolling my eyes. However, when she got to the third section where she broke down the fruit of the Spirit she really got me.  She did a great job of driving home key points that I believe scripture is trying to teach us. This would be a great book for personal devotion and I think it would be a kick to use as a Bible study.

Digging Deeper: As I said the first section was tough for me, in that, I’m not a typical woman, growing up on a farm with no brothers I was expected to work hard feeding cattle and hauling wood.  But I the first section titled “Outer Beauty” the author looks at many of the traps that ensnare women, such as judging by appearances or Maturing Gratefully.  Each chapter begins with verses of encouragement and ends with suggestions on how to tame the beast that lives within so many of us. 

The second section the author moves from the outer beauty to the inner beauty.  And really hits hard the crux of the matter that in the big picture it’s the inside that really matters to God.  Here she deals with overcoming adversities in our lives as well as dealing with our self-esteem and guilt that we women tend to carry.

In the section she refers to as the undergarments is the fruit of the Spirit working in our lives. And thankfully she equates God’s fruits to fruits we recognize not pieces of underwear!  Yes, I realize as I’m sure the author does that Galatians says the Fruit of the Spirit, not fruits, but I feel that she through scripture leads in God pleasing growth.

Finally in section four, she reminds us of the importance of making a difference in our world. She through the  eight chapters will make you cry and laugh, but even more importantly think. How can I make a difference in the world around me.

The only potential downside to using this book as a Bible study is the fact there are 34 chapters.  However, the chapters are short and at times you could probably cover two chapters a week.  However, if you don’t mind an extended time I could see how this book could enrich the lives of a group of women drawing them closer to God and each other.

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Disclaimer: I want to thank the publisher for the opportunity to review this book.  The only obligation I was under was to give my honest feelings about the book.

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