073108: Indelible Indelible
By Kristen Heitzmann / WaterBrook Press

Colorado search-and-rescue volunteer Trevor MacDaniel saves a boy from a mountain lion, and meets the youngster’s aunt, sculptor Natalie Reeve. But their own turbulent pasts, an unfamiliar present danger—and Natalie’s unusual gift—threaten their relationship. When a twisted mind sees Trevor as an adversary, can the hero save himself? 336 pages, softcover from Waterbrook.

Review Summary:  I found this a very interesting scenario, a woman with an eidetic memory who uses sculpting as her way to deal with the stress of having people’s images imprinted in her mind  and a former Olympic skier with a hero complex and a stalker. The action is fast paced and at times intense. There is an air of romance between Trevor and Natalie and a heart break situation when Natalie’s nephew is attacked by a mountain lion.  The author allows you to get a glimpse of the villain but doesn’t completely reveal him until near the end of the story.  Well done!

Digging a little deeper: The story line was unique and well thought out. Taking two characters that have been injured in their own unique ways learn how to better understand themselves and each other. The storyline surrounding Natalie’s young nephew is heart wrenching at time, but also a story of triumph. There is definitely some serious undercurrents in the relationship between Trevor and his best friend, Whit and Whit’s wife, Sara.  Even at the end of the book, I didn’t quite understand why they were there. 

The characters were unique as well. Natalie’s eidetic memory made it difficult for her to deal with large groups of people, sculpting allowed her to move the images from her mind to clay and helped her to cope.  Trevor was a “live on the edge” type of a guy who wasn’t afraid to risk his own life to save another. He also carried tremendous burdens from his childhood and actions he took as a young adult. The antagonist  is very dark and the author keeps him well hidden until near the end.   There were several supporting characters that added to the story to make it interesting. My favorite was Fleur, the blind painter. I thought she was a delight to get to know and she added some critical pieces to the story.

Disclaimer:  I would like to thank the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book.  In return I am obligated to give only my honest opinion.

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