729262: The Scroll The Scroll
By Grant R. Jeffrey & Alton L. Gansky / WaterBrook Press

Dr. David Chambers is a biblical archeologist of some fame and held in high regard by his peers. But what began as an effort to prove authenticity of the biblical narrative has become a burden. Angry at a father who was too busy to attend his mother’s death bed, and years later abandoned by the love of his life, Chambers has grown disenchanted, unbelieving and is ready to toss expertise aside to pursue a new field of study .That changes when his old mentor and one of the few men he respects calls and persuades him to make one more dig–one that would bring great wealth to everyone involved. Using his specialized knowledge in ancient tunnels beneath Jerusalem and the enigmatic message of the Copper Scroll, Chambers under takes what he assumes will be his last research trip in the Holy Land. What he discovers not only changes his life, but the thinking of the world. It also ushers in the End Times.

My Review: I’ve read several books by Alton Gansky and have thoroughly enjoyed them from beginning to end.  Unfortunately, this was not a book that grabbed me like his others. I don’t know if that came from team writing this book when his others were solo works. However, at times the story seemed to drag and I felt there were some loose ends when it was over. Lest you think the story was all bad it wasn’t. The cast of characters presented in this story offered a great deal. David Chambers was a true example of an ego mantic celebrity, at least in his own mind. He was more concerned about having things “his way” regardless of the effect his words and actions had on others.  His former fiancé, Amber, was a shining example of a steadfast belief in the truth. I think my favorite character was the head of security, Landau. A secular Jew that was tough as nails, actually tougher than nails with a no nonsense attitude.

Although a book I wasn’t crazy about, if you enjoy the idea of following Biblical archeology and learning about the historical artifacts then this might be a good pick for you. The basis for their search, the Copper Scroll, does indeed exist and it was interesting to learn about it. If you like end times stories and the idea of ways Biblical prophecy might be fulfilled then you may enjoy this story.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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