20710: Blind Trust, Second Chance Chronicles #3 Blind Trust, Second Chance Chronicles #3
By Terri Blackstock / Zondervan

Two weeks before he was to marry Sherry, Clint Jessup disappeared without a trace. Now, suddenly, eight months later, he’s back with no explanation, only an impossible request: to trust him. Whatever secret Clint is hiding, it’s changed him. And it’s about to change Sherry. These circumstances can either restore or forever destroy Sherry’s faith not only in Clint, but in others and perhaps in God himself.


Terri Blackstock is a wonderful author! This is one of her older books, and as good as it is her newer writing is better.
Eight months ago, Clint disappears just two weeks before his wedding with Sherry, with no explanation he was just gone. And now he’s back still without an explanation for why he bailed. Sherry is understandably hurt, angry and distrust the man she thought she knew.
The action is fast paced with a lot of action. I thought I had a couple of things figured out but in typical Blackstock fashion she has a couple of expected twists.
One of the things that is really neat about this series, Second Chances, is what Terri shares at the beginning of each book in the series. She shares how when she wrote them early in her career she compromised her beliefs in the stories. Later in her career she was given the rights back to these books and the opportunity (The Second Chance) to retell the stories.
A wonderful story. The first person who reads this review and emails me at books@magnusonhouse.com with your mailing address I’ll send you my copy of this book.

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