289869: Lost Melody Lost Melody
By Lori Copeland & Virginia Smith / Zondervan

The beautiful piano sitting in the corner of Jill King’s apartment begs to be played. For over a year, it has sat untouched, ever since a terrible accident shattered Jill’s ambition of becoming a concert pianist. The ragged scar on her left hand is a cruel and constant reminder of the death of her dream.

But another dream is about to come to life-an unexpected, horrifying dream that will present Jill with a responsibility she never wanted. And choices she never wanted to make. Hundreds of lives depend on Jill’s willingness to warn her small, oceanside town in Nova Scotia of a nameless, looming disaster. But doing so could cost Jill her reputation, jeopardize the political career of the man she loves, and ruin their plans for a future together.

The Interview: I’m so excited to have Virginia Smith back to FCB and joining her is Lori Copeland.  I’ve read several of Ginny’s books but this is my first introduction to Lori Copeland and I must say I’ll be back!

Since this is the first time Lori is joining FCB I’m asking her my favorite questions.

FCB: When you reach heaven, other than Jesus, what Biblical character are you most looking forward to meeting and why?

Lori: Any one of the Apostles. It wouldn’t matter which one.

FCB: What would be the first question you would like to ask him/her?

Lori: What was it about Christ that made you drop everything and follow Him?  Apparently you believed what He taught, but why was it so easy to allow those beliefs to slip away–for instant when you were in the boat and the storm came up. You were terrified and woke Him from a sound sleep. Was your faith on earth like mine? So easy at times, but when trouble comes along you faltered?

FCB: When you were a little girl what did you want to be when you grew up?

Lori: I truly wanted to be an airial artist in the circus. Honest. Those beautiful women who are swung on a thick rope.  LOL  I understand why God chose differently for me!

FCB: What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Lori: To awake to the delicious scent of turkey and dressing baking in the oven. The house smelled so GOOD all day. (FCB: SO true!!)

FCB: We see a lot of advice out there for writers, but what advice would you give someone like me, who enjoys reading and writing reviews on a book? What makes a good review?

Lori: You have one of the toughest jobs in the industry. To retain a balance of fairness must be difficult considering all the manuscripts, books and galleys you read. Tastes vary so greatly and nobody likes everything they read.  Speaking for the author, I would simply encourage you to say what your reading preference is in books, and then try to find something good to say combined with your personal opinion about that piece of work.

Lori, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to join me. Thanks for the advice.  I love reading and telling others about the books I’ve read, but is hard to keep the balance. If you would like to learn more about Lori’s books check out her website at: http://www.loricopeland.com/

I’m so happy to welcome back Virginia Smith! It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to read her books and get to know her.  I had a few different questions for Ginny:

FCB: How did the idea of writing this book together come about?

Virginia: Lori saw an article about the 1917 Halifax Explosion, and thought it would make a great basis for a contemporary novel. But she had a full plate with several books in progress, so she didn’t have time to work on it. I had just finished a suspense novel and had a little bit of time before I needed to start on her next book, so our mutual agent suggested a co-authoring partnership. We talked on the phone and threw out some tentative ideas expanding on the Halifax Explosion theme, and decided to give it a shot.

FCB: What was the best part of writing a story together?

Virginia: Lori is so much fun to work with. After we’d talked on the phone and decided on a general idea for the story, we met in person for a weekend of brainstorming and everything clicked into place. She is so talented, and she is a creative idea generator, which is sometimes a struggle for me. Our styles really do complement each other. Of course, we spent the entire time laughing together, and a lot of that humor ended up in the book.

FCB: What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Virginia: When I was 8 years old, my mother invited three mentally disabled boys who had no families to our house for a special Christmas Eve celebration. We prepared for weeks – buying gifts for them, and planning special treats and games to play. After we opened gifts, we gathered around the table and Mom lit the candles on a beautiful cake with an angel on top. We turned off the lights and sang Silent Night and Happy Birthday to Jesus. Mom wanted it to be a very memorable time. And it was. Halfway through Happy Birthday, the angel caught fire and went up like a torch. We all stood there watching as she doused the cake to put out the burnt-to-a-crisp angel. Definitely memorable!

FCB: I’m still laughing about that! To find out more about Virginia Smith’s books check out her website at: http://www.virginiasmith.org/

To learn more about Lori and Virginia as a team visit: http://www.loricopelandandvirginiasmith.com/

My Review:  When Ginny emailed me and asked if I would be an influencer for her book I jumped at the opportunity. I have found her books to be enjoyable, whether they are a “love” story or a mystery her stories are well written and engaging.  I haven’t read anything by Lori Copeland, but had seen many positive reviews on her books. I got what I expected and more.

It was very easy for me to relate with Jill King. Her dreams crashed in a subway accident in the previous year. She loves Greg Bradford and wants to support him as he runs for political office. As she deals with the past and begins moving forward in her relationship with Greg and in her life, she experiences a terrifying dream. She isn’t sure whether she is going crazy but knows she has to tell people of her beloved town of the pending danger.

The authors do a great job giving you the back story while moving you forward at a good pace. The interactions between characters is very believable and rings of what life would be like for Jill after facing the lost of her dream life to have it replaced by a recurring nightmare. 

This book caused me to pause and take a look at how I would react if I were Jill or if someone close to me were Jill. Especially in the United States we tend to be very cynical and closed minded to things we don’t understand and are quick to label someone as a “nut job.”

This is a wonderful story of love and commitment and in stepping out of one’s comfort zone to take a risk. At the end of the book the authors give you a website you can go and read the original ending to the story.  I would encourage you to do that only after you read the published ending. I read the alternate ending last night and I’m still not sure how I would have reacted if they ended the story with that ending. 

As mentioned earlier I did receive this copy from the author, however, I’m under no obligation to give anything but my opinion.

The Giveaway: I have a copy of Lost Melody to give to one lucky winner.  Please fill out the form below. Receive an extra entry if you post a copy sharing your favorite Christmas memory. The winner will be chosen December 16th and notified by email.


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  1. My best memory of Christmas was the year that my hubby and I accepted Yeshua into our lives. It was December and not that long before Christmas. Before than we never even had a Christmas tree since we were (and still are) Jewish. It was a very special season for us that year.

  2. So many Christmas memories but my son’s first Christmas was special. He was born on Dec 1st and completed our family with a big sister who loved him.

  3. I wouldn’t say this is my favorite memory but it is certainly my most memorable. My husband and I and our 18-month old son had gone from Indiana to Ohio on Christmas Eve for Christmas with my family. During the day, the temperatures dropped to -28 degrees and the fuel in our newly purchased diesel vehicle turned to slush after only 5 miles of our homeward journey. We managed to make it to a seedy little motel and spent the night in a room whose temperature was in the low 40s because of the inefficient heating system.

    The next day, Christmas Day, my father used his pickup truck to push our car 115 miles because he wanted us to be in our own home for Christmas. He didn’t even get out of his truck for a cup of coffee but, instead, turned right around and drove back to Ohio so he could be with my mother. It was a good thing he didn’t want that coffee because we entered to a house with frozen water pipes and had no water for the next 6 days. We had no Christmas dinner but still had a wonderful time counting our blessings.

  4. I have many good memories of Christmas so it is really hard to pick the best. One thing I really enjoyed doing when our son was young was to go to Stone Mountain and ride the train around the mountain. Everyone on the train would sing Christmas carols and songs. We would see Christmas decorations along the way. It was a really pleasant way to spend an evening.


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