320333: Protection for Hire, Protection for Hire Series #1 Protection for Hire, Protection for Hire Series #1
By Camy Tang / Zondervan

Tessa Lancaster’s skills first earned her a position as an enforcer in her Uncle Teruo’s Japanese Mafia gang. Then they landed her in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. Now, three months after her release, Tessa’s abilities have gained her a job as bodyguard for wealthy socialite Elizabeth St. Amant and her three-year-old son.But there’s a problem or two . or three .. There’s Elizabeth’s abusive husband whose relentless pursuit goes deeper than mere vengeance. There’s Uncle Teruo, who doesn’t understand why Tessa’s new faith as a Christian prevents her from returning to the yakuza. And then there’s Elizabeth’s lawyer, Charles Britton, who Tessa doesn’t know is the one who ensured that she did maximum time behind bars. Now Tessa and Charles must work together in order to protect their client, while new truths emerge and circumstances spiral to a deadly fever pitch.

My Review: I’ve read several books by this author and have thoroughly enjoyed them.  I enjoy Camy Tang’s style of writing, it is easy to follow and her stories flow with characters that are believable and you can relate to their struggles.  However, Protection for Hire Camy Tang takes her writing to a whole new level. If you’ve enjoyed her books Deadly Intent or Formula for Danger this story is even better.

Although I can’t relate with Tessa Lancaster as a former member of the Japanese mob and ex-convict, I can relate with the struggle of trying to live as a new creature in Christ when no one around you believes you can change. I can also relate with Charles Britton who assumes that Tessa has returned to her old like in her Uncle’s business. But he has to reconsider everything he believes as his client, the quirky Elizabeth St. Amant, hires Tessa to be her body guard. 

This story has an edge to it that I really enjoyed. Tessa is tough as nails, but she is also extremely vulnerable. She represents what a lot of ex-convicts face, rejection because of her past. Finding a job is difficult and she has to face the pull to go back to work for her uncle and the mafia. She also has to deal with family and friends not taking her conversion seriously.  The action is fast paced with tension building in many scenes. However, there is a litter side to the story as well, Elizabeth St. Amant, is a southern belle with a quirkiness that is both refreshing and entertaining.

Lastly, don’t think this is a sweet everything works out in a big happy ending. The author treats this book much like life ending the story with unresolved issues and struggles still to be faced by Tessa. Which works out nicely since since this is book one, I can’t wait to read the next one!

I did receive this book from the author, but was under no obligation to give anything but my honest opinion. 

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