This year my goal was to read 50 books.  I’m using to track my reading and sadly, I’m 7 books behind!!  This summer at work we moved everyone to a new email system, Gmail.  Which kept me very busy, not the mention my youngest son and I took a 2 week road trip.  Normally vacation is a great time for me to read, but that didn’t happen this year. 

I also got behind in Giveaways.  I love to read but once I’ve read the book I’m not going to read it again.  So I give them away.  I find that I have MANY books in my house.  SO early Christmas opportunities here.  So check out the reviews and the books and enter to win!!

Hope for Tomorrow – by Joi Copeland ends October 10:

Pattern of Wounds – by J. Mark Bertrand ends October 11:

Deadly Ties – by Vicki Hinze ends October 15:

Water’s Edge – by Robert Whitlow ends October 16:

Blessings All!

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