I am a HUGE fan of NCIS.  I watch it every chance I get, so when I saw this book for free on Amazon I downloaded it.  However, I was skeptical, would it be any good.  Before I tell you my answer here’s a little bit about the book.

From the Back Cover: The death of a fellow NCIS agent in North Carolina leads Will Coburn and his special team of naval crime-scene investigators to discover a drug-and-arms smuggling ring. The investigation leads them to a U.S. military base in South Korea. When a body is stolen from a crime scene, the team discovers that their suspect is not who he seems. Nuclear weapons have gone missing, and it’s a race against time as the NCIS team uncovers the true face of evil.

My Review: LOVED IT!!  The characters were great. Each one had real problems and struggles that showed themselves in different ways. The author has done a great job of making me want to keep reading the series to find out what happens to each of them.  The main characters are likable and you find yourself cheering for them along the way.

The story had some great twists and turns and plenty of actions. The author deals with a topic many fear happening, nuclear weapons in the wrong hands. The story gets very intense at times and you realize no character is safe.

I look forward to reading more from this series and from this author.

Because I live in California I no longer have my affiliate association. (Sad Day) But I would highly recommend this book.

Welcome! I appreciate your thoughts!

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