422064: Deadly Ties, Crossroads Crisis Center Series #2 Deadly Ties, Crossroads Crisis Center Series #2

By Vicki Hinze / Multnomah Books

Doctor Lisa Harper is determined to rescue her mother, Annie, from an abusive husband and end the separation they’ve endured since Lisa was sixteen. If not for security expert mark Taylor, Lisa’s devoted friend who’s oved her from afar for years, Lisa wouldn’t know if her mother was dead or alive. But her stepfather refuses to let Lisa interfere, so he hires NINA a multinational organized crime group, to assault Annie, to lure Lisa out into the open where she’s abducted.

Vicki Hinze brings us the second in the Crossroads Crisis Center Series. And once again she delivers a great story with a lot of heart lessons.  Here’s from the back cover:

A horrific crime shatters Lisa Harper’s idyllic childhood. Her father is dead and her desperate mother, Annie, quickly marries Dutch Hauk, an abusive monster who soon reveals his hatred for Lisa.  To protect her, Annie defies her ruthless husband and forfeits custody to a trusted friend. Enraged, Dutch vows to keep Annie and Lisa apart—and he does. Years later, though keenly aware of Dutch’s evil intent, Lisa and her mother seize a chance to be a family, safe in a home where love dwells. But they fail to fathom how far Dutch will go to keep his vow.
Determined to control his women, Dutch proves resourceful. His associates in crime are feared at the highest levels across the globe—and for Lisa they plan a fate worse than death. Yet she too has formidable connections, including former Special Operations Officer Mark Taylor. Burdened by his own traumatic past, Mark has loved Lisa from afar. Now, for Lisa and her mother to survive, Mark must risk his life—and even more difficult for him, he must trust God. All as one question haunts them: Can Mark and Lisa untangle these deadly ties before it’s too late?


My Review: This was another excellent story, although I didn’t feel sucked in as quickly with this one as I did the first one, Forget Me Not. Our main characters were all introduced in that first book so you were somewhat familiar with them. However, the author takes us to much deeper into their past and events that shaped their current lives. She does a great job of telling you their history that you feel their pain, for me, I was especially touched by Mark’s past. His story was a strong reminder of the influence parents have on their children’s self esteem.

I, personally, struggled with some of the decisions Annie made in her past, but I can’t relate with the circumstances that put her into the place she was.  If I were in her position maybe I would make the same decisions.

The story not only dealt with the personal struggles of the main characters but it also touched on the topic of human trafficking, with some interesting twist.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed the first book as well as anyone new to Vicki Hinze’s writing style. You do not have to read book one to enjoy book two.  The author does a good job of introducing the characters and chances are if you read book two first, you’ll want to go back and read book one. If you like Kristen Heitzmann books, then I think you’ll like Vicki Hinze’s books.

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To learn more about Vicki Hinze you can visit her website at: http://web.mac.com/vickihinze/Vicki_Hinze_Author/WELCOME.html

Source: Won this book through the ACFW Book Club

Rating: A

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  1. I have wanted to read Vicki Hinze’s books also and ask that you enter me in your giveway – thank you!


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