3498X: Leota"s Garden Leota’s Garden
By Francine Rivers / Tyndale House

Her garden was once beautiful—a refuge where Leota asked God to reconcile her with her children. Now it’s withered, reflecting her despair. One day a young woman claiming to be her granddaughter visits her. Will love bloom again? Rivers’s poignant story will remind you of the One whose resurrection—in a garden—brought forgiveness and healing. 350 pages, softcover from Tyndale.

My Review: Oh wow! This was such a good book!!  The story did take awhile to develop, but the author does a great job of introducing the key players of the story.  Leota is an aging widow with two children who never speak to her.  Try as she might bitterness has taken root and she has given up on life. When she enlist help from a community organization she and her volunteer get more than they ever dreamed of. For Corbin who’s goal was a case study in an effort to ace another class he gets much more than he bargained for when dealing with Leota. Then there is Annie, Leota’s 18 year old granddaughter, who desperately wants to make her own way. She struggles with being respectful to her overbearing mother, Leota’s daughter, and following her heart and most of all her commitment to the Lord.

This book deals with some difficult topics. It takes a painful look back to the World War II era and the difficult times German Americans faced. As well as the dangers of allowing bitterness and anger to take root in the heart.

The author also weaves a beautiful story of forgiveness and acceptance. It will make you think, especially about the growing problem in our country of elder care. You will laugh at some of the scenes and you may also cry at some of the scenes. The nice thing about this book is each of the characters grow throughout the story.  I’ve only read two other Francine Rivers books (And the Shofar Blew and The Atonement Child) but each one of them touch the heart.

My RatingStarStarStarStar


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  1. This is my all-time favorite book. Love the granddaughter and college student’s relationships with the grandma. A sad story, but yet some humor to lighten it up. I recommend it to everyone I know.

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