948145: The Grace of God The Grace of God
By Andy Stanley / Thomas Nelson

Nobody deserves the sin-free life and glorious future that God offers—but remarkably, it’s ours for the taking. Why? Because of God’s grace! Join Pastor Stanley as he warns against the pitfalls of legalism and explores the transforming power of God’s unmerited favor, lavish love, and kindness. Then come to terms with your own "grace story"! 256 pages, hardcover from Nelson.

This book was assigned for one of my classes at the Haggard School of Theology at Azusa Pacific University.  It was a book that we would be discussing in detail. Early on in the book I was deeply disturbed with Mr. Stanley’s “theology.” He appeared to be saying that the fall of man was a surprise to God and He changed His mind in regards to Adam and Eve dying. The second thing that bugged me about the book was his equating breaking a jar of salsa in his kitchen to the God’s viewing of the condition of sin in the world and how He was going to clean up the mess. 

HOWEVER, there was a lot of good in this book and if nothing else the last chapter was worth it all! The final chapter, Commissioned for Grace, speaks volumes of the purpose of the church and the importance of the church being an example of God’s grace. My pastor is trying to get us to be a church for the “unchurched.” I LOVED THIS CHAPTER!

As I said I had some issues with the book, but over all there is a lot of good stuff in it. He looks at God’s grace in the lives of people like Abraham, Rahab, Judah, David, Matthew the Tax Collector,  Nicodemus and others. In the book he hits pretty much every type of person there is out there.

I think I’ve already made it pretty clear what I liked and didn’t like about this book.  If you read this book I encourage you to read it carefully and judge it based on scripture.

Welcome! I appreciate your thoughts!

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