707629: Always the Baker, Never the Bride Always the Baker, Never the Bride
By Sandra D. Bricker / Abingdon Press

Thirty-six-year-old Emma has been baking specialty cakes and melt-in-your-mouth pastries at Atlanta’s Backstreet Bakery for six years. Unfortunately, as a diabetic she never gets to taste her own creations! When she teams up with bad luck-plagued hotel manager Jackson Drake, will their partnership enable them to have their cake and eat it too? 288 pages, softcover from Abingdon.

I picked up this book when Amazon was offering it free for the Kindle. I’m so glad I did! The author provided a very entertaining and heart warming story. Emma, our diabetic baker, is just fun. She’s down to earth, with a wonderful sense of humor and out look on life. Jackson Drake the recovering widower with a sweet tooth is equally as charming. The supporting characters of this story added a great deal. You have everything from Emma’s assistant and Goth girl, Fee, to Jackson’s very southern sisters, to Emma’s sweet but confused Aunt Sophia. I’m not quite sure how to categorize Emma’s parents but they are an excellent part of the story.

What I liked about the story: This is a light hearted, sweet love story that is well written, and easy to read. The diabetic baker was a new twist I hadn’t seen used before so I found that very clever. There is a spiritual aspect to the story as well. Both Emma and Jackson have their “demons” to deal with and the author does a nice job telling that story.

What I didn’t like about the story: To be honest, there wasn’t much to dislike about this story. It was well written and easy to follow. I actually read this book with my Kindle app on my phone when I was stuck somewhere with nothing to do, so there might be days when I didn’t read, but it was easy for me to pick up where I left off.

I look forward to reading more by this author.

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