I started the year out with Dee Henderson’s The O’Malley Chronicles. I had read the prequeal to the series, Dangers In the Shadows and enjoyed it tremendously, but it didn’t begin to prepare me for this wonderful series.

This six book series covers the lives of 7 adults who are brothers and sisters by choice. As children they end up in Trevor House, a foster care home. When they became adults they made the choice to legally change their last name to O’Malley.

The thing I enjoyed about these books were characters that I could relate to. They had all struggled with idea of a faith in God. It also looked at the different ways to share your faith (and ways not to) with unbelievers.

Book 1 – The Negotiator
Book 2 – The Guardian
Book 3 – The Truth Seeker
Book 4 – The Protector
Book 5 – The Healer
Book 6 – The Rescuer

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