Here I am in San Jose for a conference which the flight and my two train rides gave me a lot of reading time! So I finished Deadlock by James Scott Bell this afternoon.

I enjoyed the story. It had some interesting twists to it. I found the main characters enjoyable to get to know. This is definitely a book for thinkers. The main characters wrestle for the fundamental principles this country was founded on.

The story did start off slow to me. It took me a while before I really “got into it.”. I am glad that I finished the story it was worth the read.

I did receive his book for free through Amazon. Watch for their free books!

So by finishing Deadlock I am starting Virginia Smith’s Stuck in the Middle. I love Ginny’s stories and even though this is the first in the series it is the last one for me to read. I am sure it will be as good as the others!

Still reading through the Bible getting ready to start Judges. I also need to read chapters 3 and 4 in Andy Stanley’s Grace of God.

Welcome! I appreciate your thoughts!

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