066719: Topical Memory System Life Issues Topical Memory System Life Issues

By The Navigators / NAV Press

When you need strength to face tough times, where should you turn? God’s Word! Newly revised, this collection provides you with a reservoir of wisdom as you glean insights from 12 well-known Christian authors and memorize 72 Scripture passages on anger, guilt, perfectionism, sexuality, money, and more. Kit includes a 128-page Life Issues manual, 48 verse cards, and a plastic holder.

I was a little concerned about this book when I signed up for it.  I figured it would be academic in its approach after all it came with verse cards.  However, what I found was something much more useful.  The book does provide verse cards but it also gives practical steps on how to memorize scripture. The basic stuff that we’ve probably all heard before.  They also take that huge step of giving guidelines about how to know God’s will, again, solid Biblical foundation.

It’s what they offered next that I loved. Each chapter tackles an issues that are faced every day.  One chapter talks about our self-imagine, including how we should view ourselves. Once you finish the chapter the authors list what scriptures that one should memorize.  It makes the scripture memorization much more real.  It’s not just memorize this scriptures and here’s how, but they give you the WHY!  Struggling with depression? There’s a chapter about depression.  It talks about the downward spiral that many of us have faced. With well told stories of others who have experienced the disillusionment that leads to discouragement that finally lands us in depression. The chapter ends with the reminder that there is no condemnation. Then again questions to mediate upon and scripture. One of the things I love about the Navigators is it all revolves around the Word of God.

The other reason I like this book is I work on a college campus I interact with students almost daily.  This book provides me a resource on how to encourage them in their daily lives. It gives me scripture to pray over them with.  I see this book as a wonderful resource for pastors and lay leaders alike. Actually I think it’s a good resource for every Christian. God’s Word is truly our lifeline in this world.

Thank you to NavPress for the opportunity to read this book and give a review.  I wish I could say I have all the scripture cards committed to memory, I don’t. I hope to some day. But regardless, I have a book that is a wonderful tool to encourage myself and those that God may bring along my path.

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